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07 Reading and drilling of short form phrase.

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Test. Trade involves two set of people which are the buyer and the seller of goods and services.

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Express 9/10 as terminating or recurring decimal.
Business Studies will also help you with many areas of your life and with whatever career you would like to pursue.


Mar 22, 2023 · 05 Business Studies JSS2 First Term Mid-Term Assessment.

04 Filing. . Consumerism make sure that businesses provides useful information and make sure that consumers get quality.

Consumerism – Is the actions of individuals and government is responsible to consumer dissatisfaction in exchange relation. Com. Business Studies JSS2; Week 7; Topic: Trade; Contents: Meaning of Trade; Importance of Trade; Forms of trade; A. . week 4 office documents. Set paper guide at ‘O’ Set left hand margin at 10 for pica and 15 for elite on the foolscap typing paper.


The cash book has two sides namely, the debit side which is on the left-hand side where all cash receipts are recorded, and the credit side is. .

Feb 9, 2021 · When an individual becomes the owner of his business, it is called —– (a) an entrepreneur (b) an employee (c) a worker (d) an accountant.

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List five career opportunity in business studies.