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For the cheater, the spouse provides stability, a.

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If recovery is going to happen, the betrayed spouse has to be willing to forgive, said Liz Higgins, a Dallas, Texas-based couples therapist who works primarily with millennials. 11 signs you should consider giving someone another chance after they cheat.


The most common is mostly about sex.

These are the biggest reasons why an affair is a bad idea: You’re choosing to live in fear of changing your marriage. You may be considering whether an extramarital affair offers enough benefits to be worth the risk or if cheating ever really leads to happiness.

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Not only does it not fix. When a Marriage Is in the Dead Zone. The most common is mostly about sex.

The majority of affairs start with friends or coworkers, although infidelity can happen anywhere and with anyone. . When things cool off, you might think differently. Sep 21, 2022 · fc-falcon">An adulterer may feel that the benefit of adultery to them is worth the suffering of others. When a Marriage Is in the Dead Zone.


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Nowadays, some therapists believe there are times when an affair can rescue a marriage or relationship and even make it stronger.


Emotional affairs are often a result of feeling neglected, misunderstood or overlooked in a relationship.

“After 20 years of marriage, my husband deserted me for a younger woman and caused me deep hurt”, wrote in.